I Am Pilgrim: Margaritas & Mayhem for June

i_am_pilgrimIf you missed our first Margaritas & Mayhem event on April 11, you missed a marvelous time. But all is not lost, we’re having another one June 6, 2014, from 5pm to 7pm, with the great folks at El Paisita Family Mexican Restaurant.

The book hits the street May 27, so get your tickets by May 21 to give yourself time to read it before our big event. Terry Hayes may not be a familiar name to you, but surely his work is. He’s a screenwriter and has written movies like: Road Warrior, Beyond Thunderdome, Payback, and From Hell. And he brings all that storytelling skill to bear in his debut novel.

What kept going through my head as I read Terry Hayes’ “I Am Pilgrim” is that I couldn’t believe this was the guy’s first novel. I know he’s done other writing, but this book was amazing. Tightly crafted, no detail unused, the dual story lines converged beautifully around Pilgrim and his friend, Bradley.

And if I think about the story too much, I still get scared. I mean, it is believable. Ever since they quit immunizing for smallpox, there’s been a tiny worry dancing in the back of my head. Must have been doing the same in Hayes’ head, because he’s grown that worry into something impressively dangerous.
It made me not only cheer Pilgrim on, but made me hope that somewhere in our government, someone like him is still being funded. It also made me hope that we could fix our broken economic model and bring the manufacturing of strategic materials back home.
Thank you, Terry, for writing this book. Thank you Atria, for sharing it with me. Thank you, IndieNext for giving me a place to recommend it. And thank you, the readers in Hampton and Webster City, for supporting Margaritas & Mayhem.
Call for tickets: 641-456-3339
$33 when ordered by May 21
$37 after May 21
Ticket includes: One copy of I Am Pilgrim, chips & salsa, one margarita or soft drink, $2 dinner coupon, a relaxing night out with other book lovers, virtual meet, greet & interview with Terry Hayes via Skype.
Keri Rojas

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