The Forgers by Bradford Morrow

The ForgersI was given an uncorrected proof of The Forgers by Bradford Morrow for an early review. I recommend this book to my literary fiction readers as well as my mystery / thriller customers. It is coming in November from The Mysterious Press in Hard Cover for $24.00.

The pacing drew me in perfectly, and kept me guessing about how everything would resolve. Setting the story in the bookstore arena, both modern and antique, guarantees Morrow’s work an audience within the bookselling community as well, especially since it contains this sentence that sums up our struggles perfectly:

“Bookshops were, are, and always shall be chancy, quixotic enterprises at best — easier to raise snow leopards in one’s living room than keep an independent bookstore afloat — and that her erstwhile gang had made a sufficient go of it to come up with the cash to buy her out made her proud.”

And only a love of great books and the hope of discovering the next big thing keeps us coming back day after day to turn the store lights on.

Hopefully, we’ll see The Forgers on the IndieNext list in November.

Keri Rojas

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